Humans Welcome

  • Distributed to now:
    • 5500 Posters
    • 7500 Stickers
    • 700 Buttons
    • 25 Shirts
  • 30 pick-up stations in
    18 cities/quarters - Where?
  • 86 Supporters - Who?
  • 16 Languages - Which?

Christians, Muslims or Atheists; large, thin, tall and small women and men; young and old, blond to black-haired; long-haired, short-haired or without hair! Whether tattooed, pierced, or of lighter or darker skin color; whether meat-eater, vegetarian and vegan, homosexual and heterosexual; all are humans!

Humans do not choose where they are born. They have not chosen to suffer war, or starvation.

All humans can, and should, abide by the golden rule; Treat other beings as you would like to be treated by them.
People in trouble need our support. Perhaps there are many things you cannot change. But you can set an example, and welcome other people.
The Material / Where Can I Get It? | Pick-up stations | Direct Mail
Who Are We? Who is behind the campaign? - Imprint

The Material

Our campaign carries a clear and visible ‘welcome message’. Below is an overview of our current material.
Pick-up stations | Direct Mail


  • Round outdoor stickers (10cm Ø)
  • Theme 1: "Menschen Willkommen" (turquoise)
  • Theme 2: "Toleranz Vielfalt Menschlichkeit" (pink)
  • Theme 3: "Meine Nationalität? Mensch!" (turquoise)
  • Available for free from any pick-up station, at events or by direct mail
  • ?


  • A4 posters to be placed in a window
  • Printed double-sided ("Menschen Willkommen"/"Humans Welcome")
  • Available for free from any pick-up station, at events or by direct mail
  • 16 more languages available by Download


  • Shirts in various sizes and colors with slogan and logo
  • Currently sold out
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?


  • Pin badges (4,3cm Ø)
  • Theme 1: "Menschen Willkommen" (turquoise)
  • Theme 2: "Toleranz Vielfalt Menschlichkeit" (pink)
  • Theme 3: "Meine Nationalität? Mensch!" (turquoise)
  • Available for free at events or by direct mail
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?

Pick-up stations

There are currently 30 pick-up stations in 18 cities/districts, where you can pick up posters and stickers for free:
Your city/district is missing? Let us know if you have a potential location in your neighborhood.
The material at a pick-up station is out-of-stock? Write to us!


Direct mail

Please tell us the recipient’s address, and how many posters, stickers or badges that you would like. The easiest way to do this is with our contact form. We are very grateful even for micro-donations (ex. 5 Euros); connect to our donation account here.


Print your own poster

On this page, you will find pdf versions (in A4 size) of our posters in many languages, so you can print your own. Choose your language, and download the official poster with the click of a mouse.

Can’t find your language? Please get in touch with us



Downloads and Links

Logo in high resolution (PNG)
News Weser-Kurier 25.2.16 (german)
Press Release Apr. 2016 (german)

Bildkorrektur - Drawings agains citizen fears (german)


How the campaign works
The Logo in Lego and Minecraft

Spread the Word

Please take a bunch of posters or stickers and distribute to friends, colleagues, family, neighbors! Or like and share the project on your social media channels.

To pick up the posters

We are looking for additional pick-up stations for the posters and stickers, preferably in neighborhoods not yet covered. Volunteers very welcome!


The project is 100% founded by donations. Every donated Euro is invested in the printing and distribution of the materials. For example, we can print 150 posters or stickers for only 10 Euro!
Our donation account:
IBAN DE55500105175558977346

Thanks to these participants for engagement or donation:

  • Mia Böhk
  • Harald Müller
  • Sven Punke
  • Catrin Frerichs
  • Franca Reitzenstein
  • Sabine Bröck
  • Christine Stangl und Martin Nonhoff
  • Thorsten Maaß
  • Claudia Burau
  • Anja Heldmann
  • Thorsten Schwentuchowski
  • Britta und Stefan Lübben
  • Corina Maertins
  • Gisela und Dieter Grauenhorst
  • Matthias Dreyer
  • Thorben Haas
  • Petra Dau
  • Helga Knippel
  • Stefanie Bieberneit
  • Sylvia Hütte-Ritterbusch
  • Ursula Isenbeck
  • Felix Hartard
  • Jeanette Hagel
  • Gunter-Cornelius Hagel
  • Kristina Apelganz
  • Anja Ullrich
  • Björn Behrens
  • Suzann Hottenrott
  • Anja Brehme
  • Sabine Unglaub
  • Tobias Joosten
  • Anka Rahn
  • Maximilian Englisch
  • Dorothea Klapproth
  • Angela Wolter
  • Pervin Turhan
  • Janna Judith
  • Magdalena Gatz
  • Barbara und Uwe Schneider
  • Nina Schmidt
  • Sonja Strauer
  • Jana Hentschke
  • Louisa Kunze
  • Morgan Finlay
  • ... And various anonymous donors via donation boxes




"Humans welcome" is a socially-orientated private initiative run by Sabine and Ulli Hahndorf.
The project is not supported or affiliated in any way with political or religious organisations, or interest groups of any kind.
Responsible for the content of and
Menschen Willkommen, c/o Ulli Hahndorf, Bremen-Findorff, info(at)
Privacy Statement (German)


We have presented or are presenting the campaign at the following events:

25.05.2019 Demo 'Für eine solidarische Gesellschaft ohne Rassismus '


14.11.2018 Demo 'Bremen zeigt Gesicht'


13.10.2018 Demo '#Unteilbar - Solidarität statt Ausgrenzung'


29.09.2018 Demo 'We'll come united - against Racism'


06.12.2017 Theater 'Und täglich grüßt der Flüchtling'

Goethe Theater Bremen

25.09.2017 Demo 'Gegen den Rechtsruck'


03.09.2017 Demo 'Bunt gegen Rechts'

Falkenstrasse Bremen

29.07.2017 Mit Sicherheit gut ankommen / Markt der Möglichkeiten

Europahafen Bremen

10.06.2017 Findorffer Sommerfest

Schlachthofgelände Bremen

14.12.2016 Weihnachtsmarkt Verden

Verden Fußgängerzone

03.10.2016 Kultur- und Begegnungsfest Verden

Rathausplatz Verden

17.09.2016 Stadtkirchentag Bremen


20.08.2016 Stadtteilfest Findorff

Münchener Str, Bremen

19.06.2016 Menschenkette "Hand in Hand gegen Rassimus. Für Menschenrechte und Vielfalt


06.02.2016 Messe "Miteinander - Füreinander. Flüchtlingsarbeit in Bremen

VHS Bremen

23.01.2016 Fachforum "Ehrenamtliche in der Flüchtlingsarbeit"

Jugendfreizeitheim Bremen-Findorff


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4. Wir planen Aufkleber mit einem dem Hand/Herz-Logo, aber einem alternativen Slogan in eine anderen Farbe zu drucken. Welchen Slogan würdest Du wählen?


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